Saturday, 23 August 2014


Last Summer I wrote a post about what Tom loved.
In so many ways nothing has changed.
Tom remains infatuated by fire engines. And I became the best mum ever when I took my little people to an open day at the local fire station this Summer.
Tom loves building with lego, upwards, to knock it down.
Tom loves eating, like all three of our children, we are now fortunate from a life where Tom & Seb both decided to refuse pureed food.

Whilst Tom's tastes have not changed.
It is true in all three of our children that their emotional intelligence has.
The boys remain Mummy's boys, Seren remains Daddy's girl.
And this only makes a difference when both parents are on the scene.

Seb and Seren have many similar characteristics.
Tom remains, to me, the most manipulative of our three, this is not said with malice, I think, already, Tom is the more intelligent of the three.
Reflected in school reports received, Tom is more adaptable, already focused on one-to-one and group time.
At his young age.

Tom is more attuned to people's feelings.
More likely to do things to make other people happy than himself.

I look at this picture.
And I wonder why, on this day, he chose to pay such close attention to this teddy.
And it was because someone (his mummy) told him not to.
My child already has that streak, which whilst similar to his siblings, "someone told me not to", is more attuned to caring.

Tom is factually my middle child.
I love there is doubt.
Because Tom has been the child which has caused me the most concern.
From not growing in pregnancy.
To pyloric stenosis.
And a heart murmur.

Tom at 3 and a half is a joyous child.
Adept at the most whining voice.
He gives the greatest love.
Shows the consideration and empathy of an adult.
And has the love for his siblings and family which cannot be measured.

Our son.

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