Friday, 15 August 2014

Word of the Week #WOTW

In the midst of the summer holidays, in the randomness of working and living, I was surprised to reflect and find this as my word of the week:
This summer I have tried working three day weeks, it really has been trying. I'm not sure it works, having so much to return to, leaving so many things on the to-do list.
I ended up working three hours on Sunday night, with the hope of enjoying my two days.
I returned to work on Wednesday, and spent Wednesday evening sighing loudly as I reflected on all that had passed in one day, Mr J was quite concerned, he let me watch 'The Great British Bake Off' without complaint.

And then there was yesterday, sitting on a train due into London Paddington just before nine, being kicked off it at Ealing Broadway at just before 10.
And the reality. I got lots done on that train journey.

And the hope, that from next Wednesday I have eight days off, I need to work the Friday, but then I have another four days away from work.

It is probably not the best use of the summer holidays, but whilst my little mischief makers are content together, I have managed to declutter the office (again), to clear and make plans, to make it mine,and create a balance in the content of my office- between 'work' and family life.

And so, between clearing out, getting work done, planning for some proper time off, and enjoying time with, and time observing my little people- well I have my word of the week.

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  1. Its hard getting the work/life balance right when you have little ones to consider. Like you train use idea, I find myself staring blankly out of the window! #WotW

  2. That is a good word! So pleased you've managed to find a balance, just about, and that it's left you feeling content. Hope it continues for you x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Content is a lovely word for the week and glad you seem to be finding a balance. Hope you enjoy your days off :-)

  4. I think your outlook is very refreshing - hope it continues! #WotW

  5. I am very lucky in that I work from home, so can juggle little easier. I am content too, I guess, amidst the chaos around me. Lovely post #wotw


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