Monday, 22 September 2014

60 Super-Speedy Recipes: On the Table in 30: One Pot #Review

Our latest Parragon Book Buddies book couldn't have arrived at a better time.
Getting back into the school routine, and trying to ensure the children are benefitting from the best of the home cooked meals is a priority.
The promise of 60 recipes, which would be on the table within 30 minutes is enticing.
I loved that the book is split into food which I can pitch to the children- they, like me, are always going through phases of food they will eat in overloads, and foods they will love one week and turn their notes up at the next.

And this recipe book doesn't just contain those meals which frequented your childhood, or the freezer section of a supermarket.
But meals you would be content to enjoy, at home or in a restaurant.
And this is where there is a slight 'heads up' needed.
This may or may not be the type of recipe book where you can rely on the contents of your cupboards.
For me, there was always a couple of ingredients we didn't just 'have' in the fridge.
These recipes go hand-in-hand with meal planning.
Which for us, was fortunate, as meal planning appears to go hand in hand with pennies saved.
(And the reward of complimenting a great meal with a delicious dessert seems a great compromise!)
The rewards reaped for great food are endless.
The children love food. And the empty plates from both meat and vegetables are a reward in itself.
Having Mr J appreciate that something prepared is to his taste first and foremost. Brownie points.

Which allows, every now and then, my favourite meal to be served up and enjoyed.
This book has lots of great ideas.
And, if you are able to commit to meal planning, and have the ingredients in your cupboard, there is reward.
Clean plates.
Knowing everyone will have their 5-a-day.
Knowing, without too much effort, your children are enjoying home-cooked meals.
And knowing that each of you will now have a favourite,
A meal of the week.

Disclosure: We are part of the Parragon #BookBuddies and recieved this book for the purposes of the review. All opinions and views contained are my own.

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