Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Back to School Stuck On You #Review

This is what our view was last September.
Seren starting Reception and me finally accepting that this was my daughter starting school and I needed to label my daughter's clothes.
I had chosen iron on labels from Stuck on You. Blue- the school colour and my favourite colour.
And a star as the symbol- my daughter's namesake.

Roll forward a year, Seren's labels have been ironed in for a second year.

And despite everything, the boys now have labels at they start their second term, and full year at nursery school.
Like my children I have learned my lessons.
Whilst I know Tom & Seb do not participate in PE as yet, there will always be the rare occasions they need a change of uniform, so clearly labelled uniform may not be a necessity.
What is a necessity is the need to label jumpers.
The texts and teacher's notes we have had to retrieve mislaid jumpers is justification enough.
 And when labelling clothes, when it's a swoosh of an iron, it's as easy to keep everything clearly identified.

And after one term at school, what I would recommend more than anything is the shoe dots.
I have already familiarised the boys with them.
Even if they refuse to recognise the letters which make up their names.
I can fall back on the robots they have chose as their symbol.
And if that fails, I am falling back on colours.
Why am I so precious?
Because the boys had lovely school shoes.
And I couldn't write their names inside, because boys shoes have black inners.
And they suddenly came home with shoes that were so worn.
And because Clarks seem to be popular with little variety, it seemed difficult to argue the toss.

And so, September 2014.
I am confident.
Of Seren, recognising all elements of her name and being collected from school as she was dropped off.

And for the boys, becoming familiar with the symbols and elements of their name.
And appreciating the importance of coming home in their own clothes!

As Seren's first year went, the 'Stuck On You' labels were a part of her life from start to finish.

And so, we are confident this year, Seren, Tom and Seb will appreciate the familiarity of their school uniform.

Disclosure: We received Little Kids Value Packs for Tom & Seb for the purpose of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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