Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Happily Ever After, Creating our Fairy Tale

I know.
You can make it go faster in Wales.

At three years old, a decision is made.
To dress your child in a uniform.
The option of 15 hours free childcare is restricted to primary schools.
And so you hold on.
From a tiny bundle you hold in your arms.
To deciding that it might be a good idea as your first grows to have another.
To taking a moment to close your eyes and opening your eyes to a child in school uniform.

There are so many milestones in this journey.

From gazing at your babies so tiny in a moses basket,
Upgrading to a crib, and to a cot.
Dropping the base, keeping the sides high in case of escape.
Removing the sides.
A toddler bed.
A single bed.

From cellular blankets, to a blanket, to a quilt, to a duvet.
Everything is a moment to hold, yet so quickly the next step is in front of you.

The cuddles which are treasured.
The sleeping baby, the moment appreciated, will always be retained.
The moments where they take their first footsteps.
As you hope, and feel rewarded, as their hand meets yours for reassurance.
The reassurance gained.
As they reach for your hand for balance.
To blinking.
And putting the uniform on for real.
 Because the time has come.
To trust someone else with their care and learning.

Because, you've cuddled, and snuggled.
And if you're Welsh, you've cwtched
And because of the adverts of the hands you've grown up with.
Not only are your hands soft as you offer your cuddles.
Because your youth is their history, and now their current is clothes being as soft.
That cwtch, with Fairy, is better than ever.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post.

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  1. What a beautiful post, it did make me think of so many things with my daughter growing up and hitting milestones.
    Its so hard with school, it hits home how your babies are growing up.
    We're from Wales so a cwtch is always good. I do love the word!


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