Friday, 17 October 2014

Doddle for Dogs #Review and #Giveaway

Regular readers of my blog will know the firm part our pets take in our lives.
Thanks to Seren's Christmas wish we now boast a dog and three cats.
Our dog is Miller, a cocker spaniel, a couple of years older than Seren.

And, like most dogs, he loves, and gets giddy over the idea of a walk.
Like most things in our lives, we're loyal, we love the collar and lead we have.
We had harnesses when Miller was a puppy and have stuck with the same kind of stretchy lead ever since.

The opportunity to review Doddle for Dogs was intriguing.
Partly because Mr J and I love Dragon's Den.
A dog collar, with an inbuilt retractable lead.

On arrival I was impressed but wary.
It appeared less hardwearing than Miller's leads and collars to date.
I was wary about how Miller would accept it, would it be heavier, given the inbuilt lead?

Of course, he loved it.
Any chance to get out of the house, of course.
And, in reality, the lead is lightweight, the pod weights 39 grams.
Doddle for Dogs lead for cocker spaniels
And the pro's quickly became apparent.
We live next to a nature reserve, so Miller is on a lead for the 10 yards from our home to the pedestrian pathway.
We like to have him on the lead when we're passing children or other dogs.
And apart from that the lead is worn around Mr J's neck, or when it's me, I carry it.
Acceptable but not convenient.

In terms of improvements, whilst Miller is microchipped, there isn't the facility for the collar to hold our phone number, which would be really convenient given it would just get him back to us a little quicker.
I do like the substantive handle we have on our current lead when bringing Miller close, however this really is outweighed by the amount of time he spends off the lead, and the convenience of the retractable lead.

As you'll see from our video, the lead is so convenient to extend when needed.
The consideration of carrying a lead disappears.
The ease of getting Miller onto a lead when needed is simple.

And so, it is now the "outfit" of choice.
To just clip on a collar now seems to much more straightforward.

And fortunately, I have been offered the opportunity to share this great product, and can offer one as part of a giveaway.
Please check out the rafflecopter widget!
Disclosure: We received a Doddle for Dogs for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.


  1. I'd love to try this out on our little westie, will definitely help relieve hands as I usually find myself trying to juggle poo bags, toys, treats, clicker and a clunky lead!

  2. i have 3 dogs and would love to try this with one of them to make it slighty easier to hold them. 2 are onlead and 1 is onlead near traffic and if a toddler or a strange dog im weary of is running round. but it gets difficut to juggle 2 leads and balls while trying to clip and unclip the other lead so this would rally help

  3. I have a hyper border collie who is always pulling on the lead, this would make walkies so much more enjoyable!

  4. Coco is usually good when 'off the lead' but I always have it with me, as we all do, just in case and it's pretty chunky as it is a retractible kind. The idea of having the lead inside the collar and being hands free will make things simpler on walks, such as when trying to pick up her poo or (on longer walks) pour her a drink. I like the idea!

  5. I would love to try this with my dog beau as I'm always ducking down to grab his collar and then stooping to walk past people!

  6. My rescue dog is afraid of the click when the lead clips to the collar. He loves to be on the led, obviously enjoying the sense of security, but doesn't like getting there

  7. Trying to find the ring on the collar to attach the lead to through the fur of my bearded collie is not easy so this sounds like a brilliant solution

  8. Would love to win this, so much easier than having to carry the lead around when my dog is running free in the nearby fields.

  9. I have a little Bichon who just loves zipping about all over the place when I walk him. This looks like a great little collar as the retractable lead would offer him a lot more freedom without worrying too much about it getting tangled up when he greets all his friends...thinking about it - I reckon he takes me for a walk not the other way around ;)

  10. Because I can never find the Dogs lead when needed. And not having to carry it when we are walkin free is great

  11. I would love to try this with my dog

  12. I would love to try this on my CKCS saves me carrying it when my dogs off the lead

  13. I would love to try this with my dog

  14. Our pupster Kali would love to try this because she loves freedom but we still need some control


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