Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Enjoying the Milkshake! Live Party Party #Review

When Saturday arrived, our children were full of excitement. For this was the day they had been looking forward to all week. I broke it to them on Tuesday, knowing excitement needed to be managed. News of Milkshake! Live Party Party arriving in Cardiff. Excitement of their favourite Milkshake characters, of B1 and B2, the Little Princess and Chloe.

And Saturday was best behaviour day, teemed with bursts of spontaneous energy as the excitement broke free.

Managed with all their favourite things: the park and ride- a trip on a double decker bus, scaling the 'rocket and loop' (the Alliance sculpture outside the library), and then onto St David's Hall.

Milkshake! Live Party Party was everything the children wanted it to be. Featuring their favourite characters, characters which they knew- of which I had no clue- and characters they yet to be introduced.
They were hypnotised.
Joining in with all the audience participation- watching them is an absolute joy.
Tom and Seren are so engaged- following all the actions and dancing along.
Seb is far too engrossed to let his body be distracted- he'd rather sit on mummy and let her do all the dancing of his arms and bopping him on her knees.
They loved it.
The 'proper' party, the ability at St David's Hall for all the children to get together and have a dance.
The party atmosphere was well and truly achieved.
The energy created on stage was felt by the children and they loved it.

And just to tip my little ones over the edge.
After the performance they got to meet Milkshake Monkey.
And get a hug that would keep them on cloud nine.
And the continuation of the excited chatter, which moved on from telling the bus driver where they were going, to what had happened from beginning to end on the way home!

And yes, they slept well that night!

Milkshake Live! Party Party is on tour and definitely worth taking little ones as an introduction to the theatre and seeing their favourite characters within touching distance!

Disclosure: We received a family ticket for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.


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