Sunday, 19 October 2014

#LoomtotheMoon with Rainbow Braid

Over the summer holidays we became loom band addicts.
We had tried them earlier in the year, I had got so frustrated with the loom I had wanted to throw it into oblivion.
Fortunately, we had friends to stay, and they taught Seren and me how to loom with our fingers. And we were away!
And it transpired, in the most unlikeliest of suspects, Mr J turned out to be the pro with the loom and the complex designs!
And shortly after we found out about Skye's ambition- to Loom to the Moon.
And after receiving Rainbow Braid's Refill Pack we were over the moon to help.
5400 bands, including lots of clips (although it later transpired that the clips need to be removed to contribute to Skye's ambition).
And the pack includes 18 colours- so there were lots of patterns to make- with solid colours, fluorescents and glitter.
And they were great to loom with- fantastic quality in terms of not breaking and stretching. And colours which added variety to our braids.
Currently, this pack has a 66% reduction, so is priced at £12.90 on Amazon.
So, if you or your children are 'loomers' and you want to make a difference- to celebrate Skye's life- please consider contributing, to what is now Skye's brother's wish, and see Skye's hope to Loom to the Moon realised.

Disclosure: We received a Rainbow Band refill pack for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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