Sunday, 19 October 2014

Planning an office makeover

When we moved to South Wales from Yorkshire we had a particular specification in mind for our new home.
We wanted an office.
Whilst work will not classify me as someone who works from home, I average two of my four days at home, which means some times my four days are working from home.
Sitting on the sofa working is not really practical.
Taking away any family space is far from ideal.
So we were really lucky to find a home that not only has four bedrooms, but also an office.

And common to the rest of the house, it came with the green carpet and, in this case, the light green paint.
And it's been difficult to justify changing, because why would you invest efforts in work stuff when other rooms need improving.
So, Seren's room has been painted pink, the boys have moved to the bigger room and have a Fireman Sam themed room, the spare room has been madeover, the lounge has had wooden flooring and the playroom new furniture.
So, I'm sort of ok with looking to improve my office, as probably a room that has a lot of my time.

And the office has become our (my) dumping ground.
As well as my desk, it contains all of my books, all of my craft bits 'n' pieces... and a chair which I love, but the cats' claws' love too.

And so, this weekend I have started small:
I choose, and purchased paint and wallpaper.
Albeit, I choose the wallpaper first.
I decided, after all of my Pinterest aspirations, I would be inspired by our surroundings, and bringing the inside in, our coastline, I decided on beach huts.
And then considering that I can't afford to replace the carpet, I decided to find a way to compliment (!) the carpet as well as match the wallpaper.
And so Graham & Brown wallpaper met Dulux Paint.
I hope it's going to work out ok:

A coat of paint in, I'm definitely optimistic.
And, of course, I've starting thinking about the furniture which is going to make this room fantastic.

I'm intending to move the bookcases to the corner which has been dominated by storage (aka dumping ground)

And ideally, use the space created to have meaningful storage for my cardboard boxes crammed with craft materials, as well as space for my birthday gift- my Cricut Explore.
And I have found plenty of ideas:

Of course I got carried away, from permanent storage to match the wallpaper, to a new chair to replace my 'three cats loved, and scratched to bits' chair; and something I can use to have my latest project- easily transferred from office to lounge.

And then I started dreaming big.
My new desk, which needs some TLC.
And I have no idea what.
But I would love your advice.
If this desk could become part of my life, how could I nurture it and make it its best?


  1. Looks like you have some great plans....I love the wallpaper you have chosen.
    I would love an office....

  2. Your desk is beautiful. We have the IKEA square storage and it's really useful.

  3. Oooh, what a lovely desk! I think I'd paint it a light grey and have the drawers all different contrasting colours (that go) with different decorative handles. I love your wallpaper and all the Ikea furniture is on my wishlist!

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