Friday, 10 October 2014

Siblings - October

After the summer months, and being surrounded by our little people, I couldn't believe how few photos I had taken of all three together in the past four weeks.
The curse of 'back to school'.

And I flicked through our 'staged' shoot, not my blurred photos of the children's first squash session, or of our trip to the park, but us getting out together for a trip to theatre.

For some reason- the reason being this is them- I love this photo.
This reflects them.
The collective naughtiness.
There is no doubt they all knew what mummy wanted.
And what better protest.

I love these children.
Observing their daily steps towards independence.
With a reliance on their allegiances.
Loving one-to-one time but missing siblings as a result.
Because 'team work' seems to be their mantra.

And here's some others- as always, never knowingly looking in the same direction:

dear beautiful


  1. Oh yes, that first photo is fab, totally avoiding you! Lovely shots :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love every photo for all the reasons you mentioned, mostly for the fact that they're all stubbornly looking in different directions, but also because I want one of those jumpers for The Boy.

  3. Oh that does make me giggle - perfect team tactics! And yet a lovely photo because it shows so clearly their personalities and the way they fit together :)

  4. They definitely all look so proud to part of their little team, if you understand what I mean; something in their cheeky grins and comfort together. Just lovely. x


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