Friday, 17 October 2014

Word of the Week #WotW

It's been a tough few months.
There is a reality.
My family and friends are my sanctuary.
And the majority of people at work aren't so bad really (!).

And this week, randomly, things seem to be coming back together.
Last week, it happened, dates has been set on the thing hanging over so many peoples head.
The best and the worst of times.
There are much needed decisions on the horizon.
I have been offered help and support from the most unexpected of places.
And this week, for the first time in forever, I have needed to spend two consecutive nights away, something I used to completely begrudge. And as much as I missed my family dearly, it was bearable, I kissed my children goodbye at 0530 on Tuesday morning and got home in time for bathtime on Thursday.

And work, unexpectedly was good.
I had, what I think is a compliment, of being asked to be a part of an MBA Revalidation Panel. I was sooooo nervous. Despite the fact I think they were meant to be scared of us I was so petrified of holding so many people's qualifications in balance. And it was such a gruelling but invigorating day. I think I like academia. But definitely just for the day.

Wednesday was back to reality, excel spreadsheets and made-up algebra. And fortunately much laughter.

And Thursday, Thursday was homeward bound, keeping perspective, and laughing about it. The reality being made so much more cathartic than I thought. It's uncomfortable, and yet, as always, I am sure the end will justify the means.

And so, for the first time in some time, I arrived home without the angst of work.
I arrived home still laughing about moments of the last three days.

And, to know I have been laughing, about the last time I was laughing, when my foot and suitcase got trapped in the doors of a tube train, and I helplessly did nothing.
It's a good feeling to laugh about laughing.
The Reading Residence


  1. Laughing about laughing is fabulous! Sounds like you've had a really interesting week; a day or two away can be a pain but also a benefit in some ways. #wotw

  2. Oh yes, a very good feeling indeed. Sounds like a positive and happy week, despite being away from your family. Glad you've had a good one x Thanks for sharing with #WotW


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