Saturday, 29 November 2014

Fraser Bear's Snow Story

House of Fraser is celebrating the Christmas season with a wonderful family story for little ones to complete.

The story focuses on Fraser Bear and his little brother, Baby Bear.
Baby Bear doesn't understand what snow is, and so Fraser Bear tries his best to explain.
Seren and I took on to complete the story. 
Like Fraser Bear, Seren has experienced real, proper snow. Seren was lucky enough that her first Christmas was white, and snow fell on Christmas day, and on the Christmases that followed whilst we were living in Yorkshire.
In Wales, we've had snow, but not the proper 'crisp and deep and even' snow that is made for enjoying.
And so, with our memories relived, we took on to complete the story.

And whilst Seren was given the pens, it seems I wasn't getting off quite so easy:
I loved Seren's recollection, it was about the feeling inside and out. Seren talked about the feelings inside her tummy that she would have if it snowed.
But also the feeling beneath her feet when snow is underfoot.
And so she drew bouncing on a trampoline.

In true Seren style, before I could comment more she drew my attention to her words.
For it was time to have my own idea.
And so, mine was a bowl of cotton wool, that we agreed Baby Bear should put his face, because that would have the softness (but not the coldness of snow).

And now we wait- will we get a proper blanket of snow this Christmas?

Disclosure: We were invited to write this post as an entry to a fantastic competition to complete the story and have been compensated. 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Giveaway- Win 1 of 5 Spirograph Optical 3D Studio Sets

I have a fantastic giveaway for something I know my 5 year old would love!
The iconic Spirograph is back.
Kids of all ages can draw cool, geometric creations in bright colour. The new 21st century Spirograph now comes with eye-popping 3D technology, so kids can watch the drawings jump out from the page in an amazing display. Sets are available from £4.99 to £24.99 rrp.

I'm excited that this giveaway is for five readers to have the chance to win a Spirograph Optical 3D Studio Set, worth £24.99.

With it's geometric and swirling patterns, Spirograph has helped kids big and small to create beautiful art, stunning designs and wonderful memories for generations.

Spirograph continues this tradition in 21st century style with all new sets. 

The Spirograph Optical 3D Studio Set also comes with cool 3D glasses that enable you to watch the different colours in your design pop out from the page in cool 3D.  

The Studio Set includes:
  • ·         12 Drawing Wheels and 4 Templates.
  • ·         3D Effect Dual Colour Pen, 2 Florescent Markers, 3 Colour Pens and a Rainbow Pencil..
  • ·         Optical 3D Glasses - includes 3 LR44 Batteries
  • ·         Spirograph Design Book.
  • ·         10 Drawing Papers and 1 Spirograph Sticker.
  • ·         Sealable Storage Bag.

·         For ages 5 years and over

To enter the giveaway just complete the Rafflecopter widget - you must answer the question and leave a blog comment to enter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Gallery - Pets

When I saw the theme for today's Gallery, and then went upstairs to bed at the weekend.
It was almost the step up from last week's post.
(I won't think about next week's theme!).

And I looked back at this photo of a much younger Seren and Miller.
And needless to say, children and pets.
Despite all the rough and tumble, they snuggle happily as sleep is welcomed.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Friday, 21 November 2014

Word of the Week #WotW

The upward curve continues.
Sunday was spent with some wonderful people- bloggers- enjoying coffee and conversation with Nespresso and Joe Bloggers.
I always know in my heart how much better I will feel after spending time with friends, the trepidation as the time approaches remains, but with the buzz of caffeine and positivity seeping through me, my week began.

As always, work wise it has ups and downs.
Fortunately I have one positive, which has been so long coming, it has not yet arrived but now it is tangible, and optimism is allowed to seep into my thoughts, and aspirations once again come to the surface.
Time at work can now spent on thinking about the 'nice to-do's' rather than catching up on the 'have to-do's'.

I have been more able than ever to say 'no'.
My own aspiration to know my values, to challenge where I feel compromised.
To know voices are heard, to know that even if I have to accept red tape, I have had my voice heard (and maybe ignored) but I have remained true to my values.

And I see these values more than ever in my children.
As manners and acceptable behaviour become promoted.
As the excitement they have inside every breath is inhaled.
And brought back to me as love and concepts of life, through their eyes.

And then more blogging.
More planning for #BlogOnCymru
And another visit to the Sherman.
But not for conference talk.
But to have a glimpse of a script becoming a play.
And meeting Rachel O'Riordan.
And trying to remember in my head "She is a human being".
But to meet someone, with such a fixed sense of perfection, to appear that she beats herself up for every compromise made, to have such a clear vision of the communities, and people she serves, to fight with every breath for what the theatre can achieve- given a fighting chance, to be unaccepting of funding cuts- for the damage they can do to every child who misses the opportunities to explore their own imagination and creativity.

I breathe.
I appreciate the gravitas of life.
These little people I bring up as best I can.
The choices made, the path chosen.
And with no regrets- to only be true- to be the best I can be.

This week, a teeny kick inside me has been restored.
I hope it continues to guide me.

The Reading Residence

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Arabian Nights - Inspiring Cardiff this Christmas

I have heard bloggers talk about the 'money can't buy opportunities', and today I got to realise mine.
Invited into the rehearsal room at Sherman Cymru to witness one of the two Christmas productions being realised.

'Arabian Nights' will be Rachel O'Riordan's second production in our Capital, and in the same vein as 'Romeo & Juliet' this feels special, it feels like a unique stamp is being brought to the stage, designed only with a view to engaging and capturing the imagination of all who sit in the theatre.

And not only did I get to witness some fantastically talented actor-musicians take hold of the space, I also got the opportunity to talk to Rachel afterward about this Christmas production, and Rachel's vision for theatre and Sherman Cymru.

When speaking to Rachel about the blank piece of paper- where to start in choosing a production to bring to the stage for the Christmas season, the mystery and majesty of Arabian Nights becomes evident as the perfect choice, and what becomes clear is that this is not just about bringing Dominic Coke's adaptation to the Sherman, this is about producing with a Cardiff audience in mind. The dynamism of the City, celebrating the diversity. And so an extra layer is added to Arabian Nights. A music score has been added, and so the performance is transformed with actors taking hold of the stage through more than words- and seamlessly interweaving music as the storytelling of One Thousand and One Nights unfold.
Photographer: Kirsten McTernan
And so it becomes evident how much the need to create a bond with the audience at the heart of what Rachel is seeking in the productions which are brought to the Sherman.
The stage is on a 'rake', sloping toward the audience to ensure everyone can see all that is happening on the stage, making the most of the space and ensuring the audience gets to witness all aspects of the story.
The incorporation of music means not only are the audience engaged through the character portrayal and storytelling, but also the atmosphere through a variety of wind, string and percussion instruments.

Photographer: Kirsten McTernan
And whilst it felt in the rehearsal space that there is a great drama in the production, there are also hints of humour which I was allowed to catch a glimpse of, and with a fantastic cast, including Anita Reynolds (The Nurse in 'Romeo & Juliet) and Kieron Self, I now have a little excited anticipation in seeing how their multiple roles will be performed given the moments of humour which was balanced in the drama today.

And then to receive the following photo, means I have definitely seen only a snapshot of what 'Arabian Nights' will offer to audiences visiting the Sherman this Christmas!
Photographer: Kirsten McTernan
Arabian Nights will be at the Sherman Theatre from 5 December 2014- 3 January 2015. Ideal for ages 7+ and families. Tickets are available from £12-£25, with half price tickets for childrens and under 25s. Concessions are available.
Please visit ShermanCymru or contact the Ticket Office on 029 2064 6900.

Life right now- Moving forward

I took this photo, trying to capturing the red skies as I passed through Newport, on the train to wherever.

The skies had been beautiful from starting my journey.
Although to others (sailors and the like), they maybe weren't as welcomed.

But for me, there was beauty, in spite of the circumstance.
The 5.15 wake up call.

It kind of summarises life right now. Trying but never succeeding in getting ahead of the curve.
Because. Really. Why is it even right that anyone should be travelling before sun rise?
Appreciating life, and the good, despite the things which are in the balance.

This is life. Coffee at the ready. Blackberry to hand. And Samsung charging so I am never without music nor access to the outside world.
As life is absorbed by work.

Accepting this has been a key part of 2014.
That life is better like this.

And whilst this is a bitter pill.
Because the best part of 2014 has been absorbed at work by HR 'opportunities'- you know because challenges really are opportunities in disguise.
I am going to stake my claim.

May I be so bold?
Could this perhaps be our year?
As the children all move into full-time education.
As finances balance,
As the opportunity for Mr J to take on work is explored,

That I might finally have a full team at work,
That I might enjoy my work again,
That a work life balance be established.

For physical and mental exercise.
For blogging and losing weight.
We're coming to get you!
Or something like that.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The perfect Chocolate Cupcake

The perfect chocolate cupcake, and chocolate cake for that matter, has been a battle of minds.
I blame it on me and the oven;
Or, me and the mixer;
Or, me and the recipe.

But I have overcome.
Trial and error has got us here.
But how rewarding was the success!
I am constantly battling Seren's desire for 'Cinio' (school dinners) versus my wish budget for 'Brechannau' (packed lunches).
And last week Seren waved 'chocolate cake' in her favour for cinio.
And for me, the challenge was accepted.

A zillion attempts on, success is mine.
(staying faithful to my cupcake recipe).
And so, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!
175g golden caster sugar
175g non-salted butter
40g cocoa
135g self-raising flour
4tbps milk
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 eggs (equivalent to 175g)

In your main mixing bowl, combine the cocoa powder and milk into a paste.
Combine the flour and baking powder in a bowl.
Add the sugar and butter to the main bowl and whisk until combined.
Add one egg and combine, add some flour, continue until eggs and flour are combined.
Add the vanilla essence, and whisk.
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
With all the ingredient combined,
Line 2 12-hole muffin trays with cupcake liners.
Add the mixture to the cupcake liners.
Bake for 10mins or until risen and springy to touch.

Decorate to taste.

Link up your recipe of the week

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Being a Parent #TheGallery

With this week's theme being a parent, this would be my picture perfect image.
Me and my team.
My amazing children.
Creating the 'teamwork' ethos in the face of all tantrums.

The reality, to me, of what being a parent is,
Beyond the wonder of the bond created, the love which knows no bounds,
Lies the unquestioned acceptance of projectile vomit and equivalent nappies.
The reality, that sleep is never your own again.

This is written from the voice of a child who would sleep anywhere,
For as long as possible.
For the teenager who would read into the small hours to finish a book.
But sleep all day in response.
The young adult who would go to sleep in the small hours, due to work or socialising.
But sleep through the daylight hours of the weekend.

I read wise words recently, that lost sleep can never be found again.

Oh, the sleep that I never appreciated.
How I miss you.

The sleeping hours are now spent with children in mind.
The little people know when mummy isn't working away.
Musical beds prevail.
When mummy is working away, the 5am alarm clock prevents a restful sleep.
And when mummy is staying away, the night is broken with sleep interrupted by dreams of a little person's cries.
Saturday morning lie-ins are compromised by gymnastics and squash sessions.
Sundays by Sunday School.
The reality is it need not matter, sleeping beyond 0745 is a luxury long forgotten.

But then, for all of this, my instagram and facebook page is filled.
By the beauty of my children sleeping.
Because when they are asleep,
They are beautiful.

And yes,
It is because,
They are mine.
Being a Parent.
Sleep deprived.
Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Monday, 17 November 2014

Things to do in Cardiff- The Theatre Edition

It has to be said, one of the things I looked forward to most when we decided to move back to South Wales was the variety of theatres which would be on our doorstep.

Cardiff boasts some of the most fantastic theatre space and as a result, whichever day of the week you choose there is always a production worth taking in.

One theatre which has transformed the Cardiff skyline during my 13 year exile is the Wales Millennium Centre.
Located in Cardiff Bay, the first phase was opened in 2004. For my children, the building resembles a tortoise, the copper oxide of the dome is easily spotted on our travels.
They have loved seeing more mainstream productions (The Gruffalo and Mickey's Magic Show) in the Donald Gordon Theatre as well as theatre which makes great use of the space in the Weston Studio (Roald Dahl's "Little Red Riding Hood and Captain Flynn & The Pirate Dinosaurs).
For 'grown ups' the theatre space has so much to offer, successfully bringing the West End and Fringe theatre to South Wales.
And, if you do get the chance, and you're a theatre, design or cultural geek, the tour of the Centre is definitely an opportunity to explore a fantastic space, and understand and appreciate the design and features of a theatre- both for theatrical excellence and appreciation of the local landscape.
A theatre in the heart of Cardiff, and home to great drama as well as home to the Capital's Christmas Pantomime is the New Theatre. The theatre celebrated its Centenary in 2006, and truly is the gem of a great City. Memories of seeing the ballet there as a child are held close.
The theatre now plays host to a wealth of productions to introduce young people to the theatre (The Octonauts, We're Going On A Bear Hunt and James & The Giant Peach).
For adults, the theatre hosts both fantastic local companies as well as touring productions.

St David's Hall is the National Concert Hall and Conference Centre of Wales.
From ballet and opera to Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom St David's caters for all audiences, with a wide music offering. Attached to one of the main shopping centres, St David's Hall is a convenient location for matinees and evening performances. Its diversity holds a place in my heart, I have performed at the Hall both as part of a Rock School and alongside a Male Voice Choir, as well as my graduation ceremony- a few years later.
Another theatre space of my youth is Chapter Arts Centre. Located in Canton, on the outskirts of Cardiff, it is not as convenient a location by public transport, but definitely worth the visit. In my youth Chapter introduced me to contemporary dance, and continues to do so. Chapter not only has a great theatre space but also hosts a cinema offering (including NT:Live) and is always a hub of creativity with a fantastic caffi-bar.

I have, of course, left the best 'til last. Predominantly based on childhood allegiance, and also because it is the most recent theatre space in Cardiff to have benefitted from a refurbishment.
Sherman Cymru is within walking distance of the City Centre, adjacent to the Civic Centre, and the homeland of student life.
As a child I enjoyed the contemporary dance extended from Chapter, in 1994 as part of South Glamorgan's Youth Theatre I was able to perform in the Studio and fall a little bit in love, as a university student I was able to enjoy the proximity and the diversity offered.
And since returning to Cardiff, I have been able to appreciate it's new found place, fortunately it still offers diversity- comedy, music and drama are instinctively home at the Sherman.
And then, returning home as a mum, I have loved the theatre available, off the tv-converted track, which hypnotises my children (Corina Pavlova & the Lion's Roar and The Sleeping Beauties) which can take child and adult alike on an adventure.

If you're visiting the City, definitely find out which is your nearest theatre and what's on. For me, there is nothing more therapeutic that the tones of the Welsh accent on stage, but whether it be local or national productions, the stages in Cardiff more than create a fantastic experience.

If you're visiting Cardiff and looking to create an evening out, I would recommend The Millenium Centre and all Cardiff Bay has to offer in terms of bars and restaurants.
For creating a day of it, shopping excellence and theatre, the New Theatre is a great theatre to appreciate the best of the City's culture.
And if you're planning in advance, take in Sherman Cymru, and all that accessible theatre offers.

But without doubt, visit a theatre in Cardiff, and enjoy a little bit of our heritage.

Disclosure: This post is written in collaboration with The Millennium Hotels Group. All views and opinions contained are our own.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Gift ideas: The Very Hungry Caterpillar turns 45!

For all the things which change so fast, there is so much comfort in knowing Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" is turning 45 years old.
A book which meant so much in my childhood has already had so much benefit in my daughter's.
The very first school assembly which I was invited to attend included Seren's reception year bringing the book to life.
And building on it with their own hopes and aspirations, where they had been and where they want to go.

And we were lucky enough to share this learning with Seren's brothers after receiving a hamper of 45th Anniversary gifts.

Of course, the favourite items were those which they could get their hands on and get creative.
This stamper kit was such a hit, and now embellishes all of the paper I try to print my work things on!
At £9.95 this makes a perfect gift for a toddler, and with replacement ink pads available from places like Hobbycraft it means the wooden stampers can be used for years to come.

My favourite, and Seren's favourite by far, was the drinks bottle and melamine plate.
I love the bottle, and its hardwearing casing, for both accompanying Seren to school as well as her after-school activities. And I love even more that she loves it.
The melamine plate is loved even more for its dividers. We don't use divider plates regularly, they are used for 'treat' meals. The children associated them with picnics and so Seren instantly loved this one. More so she loved the illustrations and the flowers, this is now 'Seren's plate', this is a non-negotiable!

A team favourite is the 'Chunky Strawberry Chalks'. Absolutely perfect for outdoor use, bringing colour to the patio, we loved using ours in the run up to bonfire night, and showing all the fireworks on dark paper.
But  more so, Seren loved creating a rainbow, and showing the change from rain to sun.
As well as gifts which are great for 3-5 year olds, there are so many which are perfect to babies and toddlers. From cot books, to touch-and-feel books and wall decals.

Whilst we were sent these products for the purposes of this review, I would wholeheartedly recommend them, and buy them.
'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' has and remains a loved part of my children's upbringing. I can't wait for next year when I know I will get to see the boys perform their hungry caterpillar (why change a good format?) as they begin their Reception year.
And if it's worked for forty-five years?

Disclosure: We received a hamper of 45th Anniversary goodies for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Word of the Week #WotW

This week, the focus of the past eight months has succeeded.
Reinforcing that there really is such a thing as karma.
That thinking good thoughts really does make a difference to wellbeing.

Life is beginning to find its path again.

Last Friday I received some news, it was news I had been hoping for but not wanting to believe until it happened.
And when I got the phone call, and as the news was absorbed I didn't feel as happy as I'd thought. In my mind I had known this was the only outcome, but it wasn't a perfect. It acknowledged that people can't change behaviours.
But from that point onwards life has been so much better.
And not just for me but for the team.
There is a new energy.

Which has only been added to by news to give all of my team more certainty,
As far as there can ever be certainty.
But their patience and commitment has been rewarded.
I no longer have a house of cards for a team.
I now employ a team which hold permanent contracts.

And then some, blogging.
After quite a few months of planning with The Boy and Me and last month convincing Laura that we wouldn't let her down, and it really is a good idea,  this week tickets for Blog On Cymru went on sale!
I'm delighted that Sherman Cymru agreed to be our main sponsor. The Sherman has been my favourite theatre since getting the opportunity to perform there as part of the South Glamorgan Youth Theatre (I'm guessing in 1994).
Since then, it's had a fantastic overhaul, they've been working with bloggers for the past year, and they now have an amazing new Artistic Director.
And in March 2015 I'll be back in the same space, the Studio, no doubt as petrified as I was in 1994 but so happy to be making something happen which will hopefully inspire and motivate people as much as I've no doubt our performance of 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle' did back in the day (ahem!).
So yes, phew! We really are into the 'making it happen' phase and I'm so glad we kept faith.

And, it's motivated me to finally get moving with a blog domain I bought earlier this year, lost faith, but it's back, it will mean, hopefully before the year is out I'll be moving on from Johnson Babies, but it seems with so much coming together it really is time to start a new chapter.

And then finally, this week, at home.
Mr J is always encouraging me not to overreact. To find the funny side, or to breathe and get over it.
This was my facebook status this week:
And yes, I should probably have more faith in his words too!
Because me being happy with it all made him feel far more guilty than him retaliating against my bad temper would have!
The Reading Residence

Monday, 10 November 2014

Siblings - November

Of course this month we attempted the staged shot.
It transpires (because of timehop!) that the October half term is mainly spent at the theatre.
And this was one of the trips the three of them got to make together.
As usual, it was difficult to evoke a smile and/ or a look at the camera.
Although, this was made easier when I challenged each of them to support their siblings in racing to mummy.
And of course, Seren took full stage on her turn.

And yet, when I sat there today, patting myself on the back for getting two of three to look in the right direction.
I paused.
And watched.
And tiptoed around my children.
To capture this.
(Please ignore the fact a Disney character is about to be attacked by an Octonauts shark).

More and more,
Yes, before I carry on, the squabbles remain,
But more and more, there is this.
Hours of play.
I crept into the office last Sunday to tie things up.
And listened to them,
Time crept away, and before I knew it, it was time to prepare tea.
(Of course, when Mr J returned home I maintained it was the most stressful of hours).

And today, when I had crafts that I wanted to get them involved in.
I couldn't bring myself to intervene.
Because as long as they're happy...
dear beautiful

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Gender neutrality or equality? Where does it fit in today's careers?

Honestly, I don't know where to start.
This one has been on the back burner for a while.

And then last week, something happened in the press.
Probably unnoticed by the majority.
But a hotel chain in Manchester eventually covered up its hoarding.
The hoarding portrayed images of a woman and a man.
Projecting an image of the construction sector, which is not reflective of the construction sector.
For women.
Or men.

I am upset about it.
Although I am aware I am not 'on message'.
Or I am only 50% on message.

My parents brought me up to be the best I could be.
They dissuaded me from drama and working in a shop.
I have two brothers who studied to be an engineer and mechanic respectively.
Naturally, my stubbornness meant I studied drama and ended up working in a shop.

Did my parents dissuade 'female-preferred routes'? Endorse 'male determined routes'?
Or did they just recognise where our strengths lay?

My elder brother now has a career in CAD, degree related, he lives in Thailand, and has done so more or less, since I was 18.
My younger brother is a tattooist, and for over 10 years has had his own studio in Cardiff.
He discovered that being a mechanic meant putting up with the elements, and he didn't like that much.

Me, I dropped out of studying drama.
Worked in a shop.
And applied for a job working with construction employers.

I remember my first meeting.
I couldn't understand why the dynamics in the room were so wrong.
Until I realised I was the only woman.

I remember my first day.
Being mistaken for the work experience student.

Thirteen years on.
Three children made.
Our choices become that much more considered.
Some things have changed.
I don't get mistaken for a work experience student.
There are more women in associated roles.
The age range is getting there.
Overlooking the build of the Olympic Park, November 2008
And now, more than ever, I am conscious of the reality for my daughter and two sons.
Promoting the trade!
This month, I sat in the reception of a site office, overhearing a conversation behind a divider, a conversation between men, that one couldn't multi-task because he wasn't a woman.

As I sat in a meeting on another day where, whilst equality was acknowledged, having your bits in the right place was accepted as appropriate humour.

I believe strongly that working in a gender-biased industry is difficult.
And you have to pick your battles.
And focus must be on how you create gender equality.
There is a reality, some will need to retire before the sector can truly move on.
Because lip service doesn't hide behaviour.

And so I try to remain true to what I believe is my reality.
In today's world is that, regardless of status, everybody must earn respect.
It is not an automatic right.

There is a truth, which some discovered thirteen years ago, and is now almost folklore where I work,
I do not want you to hold the door open for me.
Unless you hold it open for everyone.
I will hold the door open.
I see this as good manners.
But it is held open for everyone who I am on the path to the door with.
I do not need preferential treatment because I am a woman.
I may well, and will, decline the offer if I've witnessed the door not being held open for others.

I appreciate good manners.
I know the difference a smile can make.
I know that random acts of kindness can be the making of a week of happiness.

But this should all be gender non-specific.

And of course, there are many other discriminatory factors.
But today's focus is gender.

So, when we are protesting against inappropriate hoarding.
Are we only protesting about the representation of women?
Or are we protesting against the representation of men and women?
Because reality must be two-fold.
Neither men nor women working in construction reflect the images being portrayed.
And if we want equality to exist.
We have to represent everyone.
Feminism is, to me, about equal footing.
And, to me, great feminism is about achieving what has been missing in the past, representing all.
Allowing women to be treated as equals.
And standing up for equality means standing for men's rights as avidly as women's.
Only then can we apply and progress in jobs based on ability and competence.

Maybe the answer is to say that I'm an egalitatianist (I so had to Google the spelling and I'm not sure changing the 'm' for a 't' actually makes it a word!) rather than feminist.
Because feminism does its rounds so much in the press on the whole popularity contest.
But I don't want to miss the point, this is about gender, there is a massive gender divide in some sectors, and being female I feel vaguely qualified and justified in trying to change this.
But never, never at the expense of someone else.
Never walking over someone else's discrimination in priority of my own.

Friday, 7 November 2014

#WotW - the wood for the trees

I haven't managed to join in with The Reading Residence "Word of the Week" for a fortnight.
Both for life getting in the way, and mindset

The reality of my working life.
That so few consider the effect of their actions on those inside the 'business decision'.
That one person can place themselves of such importance as so to affect so many who have worked so hard.
Only to be ignored because it's easier than doing something.

Two weeks.
I have learned.
To know that things will work out for the best.
That being kind, and true to others
Will allow the full circle.

That by being true, by keeping faith,
Things will be ok.

And, as I start humming, and begin singing,
Faith and kindness get you an amazingly long way.

Regardless of everything work has shown me.
It hasn't impacted the most important part of life.
It has encouraged those who matter to share.
Dialogue, Love, Hugs, Support.
This year, in spite of those determined to make life difficult,
It doesn't matter.
Those who love, have loved freely, openly and without constraint,
Continue to be my support, my focus, and my priority.

Every night.
Every night I hear and feel the love.
I may well be feeling the guilt of being away, but I feel the love.

And at home, I experience the tears and tantrums.
But I get the reward.
The kisses, cuddles and cwtches.
The words, the spellings and the drawings.

My family.

And so.
And of.
My word of the week is what they give me.
Please, check out The Reading Residence and how others are reflecting on their week.
The Reading Residence
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