Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Being a Parent #TheGallery

With this week's theme being a parent, this would be my picture perfect image.
Me and my team.
My amazing children.
Creating the 'teamwork' ethos in the face of all tantrums.

The reality, to me, of what being a parent is,
Beyond the wonder of the bond created, the love which knows no bounds,
Lies the unquestioned acceptance of projectile vomit and equivalent nappies.
The reality, that sleep is never your own again.

This is written from the voice of a child who would sleep anywhere,
For as long as possible.
For the teenager who would read into the small hours to finish a book.
But sleep all day in response.
The young adult who would go to sleep in the small hours, due to work or socialising.
But sleep through the daylight hours of the weekend.

I read wise words recently, that lost sleep can never be found again.

Oh, the sleep that I never appreciated.
How I miss you.

The sleeping hours are now spent with children in mind.
The little people know when mummy isn't working away.
Musical beds prevail.
When mummy is working away, the 5am alarm clock prevents a restful sleep.
And when mummy is staying away, the night is broken with sleep interrupted by dreams of a little person's cries.
Saturday morning lie-ins are compromised by gymnastics and squash sessions.
Sundays by Sunday School.
The reality is it need not matter, sleeping beyond 0745 is a luxury long forgotten.

But then, for all of this, my instagram and facebook page is filled.
By the beauty of my children sleeping.
Because when they are asleep,
They are beautiful.

And yes,
It is because,
They are mine.
Being a Parent.
Sleep deprived.
Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery


  1. Aw, love that - bless their hearts x

  2. Gorgeous photos and oh so true! Another reason we get no sleep is we are so busy watching how beautiful they are when sleeping ;)


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