Saturday, 29 November 2014

Fraser Bear's Snow Story

House of Fraser is celebrating the Christmas season with a wonderful family story for little ones to complete.

The story focuses on Fraser Bear and his little brother, Baby Bear.
Baby Bear doesn't understand what snow is, and so Fraser Bear tries his best to explain.
Seren and I took on to complete the story. 
Like Fraser Bear, Seren has experienced real, proper snow. Seren was lucky enough that her first Christmas was white, and snow fell on Christmas day, and on the Christmases that followed whilst we were living in Yorkshire.
In Wales, we've had snow, but not the proper 'crisp and deep and even' snow that is made for enjoying.
And so, with our memories relived, we took on to complete the story.

And whilst Seren was given the pens, it seems I wasn't getting off quite so easy:
I loved Seren's recollection, it was about the feeling inside and out. Seren talked about the feelings inside her tummy that she would have if it snowed.
But also the feeling beneath her feet when snow is underfoot.
And so she drew bouncing on a trampoline.

In true Seren style, before I could comment more she drew my attention to her words.
For it was time to have my own idea.
And so, mine was a bowl of cotton wool, that we agreed Baby Bear should put his face, because that would have the softness (but not the coldness of snow).

And now we wait- will we get a proper blanket of snow this Christmas?

Disclosure: We were invited to write this post as an entry to a fantastic competition to complete the story and have been compensated. 

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