Thursday, 20 November 2014

Life right now- Moving forward

I took this photo, trying to capturing the red skies as I passed through Newport, on the train to wherever.

The skies had been beautiful from starting my journey.
Although to others (sailors and the like), they maybe weren't as welcomed.

But for me, there was beauty, in spite of the circumstance.
The 5.15 wake up call.

It kind of summarises life right now. Trying but never succeeding in getting ahead of the curve.
Because. Really. Why is it even right that anyone should be travelling before sun rise?
Appreciating life, and the good, despite the things which are in the balance.

This is life. Coffee at the ready. Blackberry to hand. And Samsung charging so I am never without music nor access to the outside world.
As life is absorbed by work.

Accepting this has been a key part of 2014.
That life is better like this.

And whilst this is a bitter pill.
Because the best part of 2014 has been absorbed at work by HR 'opportunities'- you know because challenges really are opportunities in disguise.
I am going to stake my claim.

May I be so bold?
Could this perhaps be our year?
As the children all move into full-time education.
As finances balance,
As the opportunity for Mr J to take on work is explored,

That I might finally have a full team at work,
That I might enjoy my work again,
That a work life balance be established.

For physical and mental exercise.
For blogging and losing weight.
We're coming to get you!
Or something like that.

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