Saturday, 1 November 2014

Octonauts Live- Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Adventure

We have been quite excited about this one.
I think it's because of my children's inherited sea bearing legs.
Two years of mum and dad living on a boat creates the best imagination in your children.
And so, we set off to the New Theatre, Cardiff to join the adventures of the Octonauts.
Trying to keep up with 3 year old twins and a 5 year old meant we made it to the theatre in good time.
And whilst there was confusion as to whether the boys were sitting on Octopads or seats in the run up to the performance- the sense of occasion was well and truly created in the theatre.
I could not believe how quickly the first half was over.
The children were completely in the moment.
Sharing the adventure with Captain Barnacles Bear. Getting completely on board with saving the animals from the eruption of the deep sea volcano.
They loved Luke, a 'human' cast member whom got everyone engaged and participating in the adventure.
(So much so that Tom really does believe he drove my car home as he sat behind me 'steering' and got me to our HQ... in the show he got us to the Octonaut HQ!).

And yes, getting to see the characters was quite amazing, completely as they are seen on the little screen:
I love how much the children do get to learn from children's tv. Yes, admittedly, they can be our 'virtual babysitters', as we make the calls which have to made, or prepare meals without the chance of running back and forth for their battle of wills.
I love how much the Octonauts goes some way to allowing children to unravel the ocean, and the animals in it.
I love how we came home in time for bed, and the boys decided our bedtime story would be 'How Deep is the Sea?'.
And because I am a complete softy, I fell for Medic Peso Penguin, more especially the puppet version of Peso the underwater diver, but yes, I was with the Octonauts and my children on this adventure.
I loved that children and 'grown-up' participation meant that there was enough energy for the adventure to succeed.
I fell in love with my children all over again as we drove home. And they told me they were sad.
Because we had all become Octonauts, but Daddy (who hadn't been there) would need to remain a Cadet until he proved himself.
Fortunately mummy managed to find many suggestions as to how he might prove himself!

The variety of characters, the diversity of interaction- from Luke, to life-size characters, to puppets, the music, dialogue and songs,- there really is so much in Octonauts Live to keep everyone engaged.

How does it differ from other 'screen to stage' adaptations?
For me it was the sense of adventure.
The time constraints.
To me, this differs to the other productions we have seen.
The children didn't know the outcome as they do with books taken to stage.
They have enjoyed productions which have a happy ending.
But Octonauts had the pressure- the must do- we must rescue these animals in a timebound setting.
And so, like all other audience participants they were engaged, urging the Octonauts onto success.
And yes, it was very much an enjoyable experience!
The Octonauts are at the New Theatre in Cardiff on 2 November 2014. Tickets cost from £8.50 to £15.50 (plus £2.95 transaction fee).
The Octonauts are on a national tour with lots of dates across the UK.

Disclosure: We received tickets for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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