Monday, 10 November 2014

Siblings - November

Of course this month we attempted the staged shot.
It transpires (because of timehop!) that the October half term is mainly spent at the theatre.
And this was one of the trips the three of them got to make together.
As usual, it was difficult to evoke a smile and/ or a look at the camera.
Although, this was made easier when I challenged each of them to support their siblings in racing to mummy.
And of course, Seren took full stage on her turn.

And yet, when I sat there today, patting myself on the back for getting two of three to look in the right direction.
I paused.
And watched.
And tiptoed around my children.
To capture this.
(Please ignore the fact a Disney character is about to be attacked by an Octonauts shark).

More and more,
Yes, before I carry on, the squabbles remain,
But more and more, there is this.
Hours of play.
I crept into the office last Sunday to tie things up.
And listened to them,
Time crept away, and before I knew it, it was time to prepare tea.
(Of course, when Mr J returned home I maintained it was the most stressful of hours).

And today, when I had crafts that I wanted to get them involved in.
I couldn't bring myself to intervene.
Because as long as they're happy...
dear beautiful

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