Saturday, 15 November 2014

Word of the Week #WotW

This week, the focus of the past eight months has succeeded.
Reinforcing that there really is such a thing as karma.
That thinking good thoughts really does make a difference to wellbeing.

Life is beginning to find its path again.

Last Friday I received some news, it was news I had been hoping for but not wanting to believe until it happened.
And when I got the phone call, and as the news was absorbed I didn't feel as happy as I'd thought. In my mind I had known this was the only outcome, but it wasn't a perfect. It acknowledged that people can't change behaviours.
But from that point onwards life has been so much better.
And not just for me but for the team.
There is a new energy.

Which has only been added to by news to give all of my team more certainty,
As far as there can ever be certainty.
But their patience and commitment has been rewarded.
I no longer have a house of cards for a team.
I now employ a team which hold permanent contracts.

And then some, blogging.
After quite a few months of planning with The Boy and Me and last month convincing Laura that we wouldn't let her down, and it really is a good idea,  this week tickets for Blog On Cymru went on sale!
I'm delighted that Sherman Cymru agreed to be our main sponsor. The Sherman has been my favourite theatre since getting the opportunity to perform there as part of the South Glamorgan Youth Theatre (I'm guessing in 1994).
Since then, it's had a fantastic overhaul, they've been working with bloggers for the past year, and they now have an amazing new Artistic Director.
And in March 2015 I'll be back in the same space, the Studio, no doubt as petrified as I was in 1994 but so happy to be making something happen which will hopefully inspire and motivate people as much as I've no doubt our performance of 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle' did back in the day (ahem!).
So yes, phew! We really are into the 'making it happen' phase and I'm so glad we kept faith.

And, it's motivated me to finally get moving with a blog domain I bought earlier this year, lost faith, but it's back, it will mean, hopefully before the year is out I'll be moving on from Johnson Babies, but it seems with so much coming together it really is time to start a new chapter.

And then finally, this week, at home.
Mr J is always encouraging me not to overreact. To find the funny side, or to breathe and get over it.
This was my facebook status this week:
And yes, I should probably have more faith in his words too!
Because me being happy with it all made him feel far more guilty than him retaliating against my bad temper would have!
The Reading Residence

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  1. Great word, and it sounds like you've lots going on this week - very busy and progress and exciting adventures all around you (key incident aside!) Best of luck with your blog domain and BlogOn - fab! Thanks for sharing with #WotW


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