Friday, 21 November 2014

Word of the Week #WotW

The upward curve continues.
Sunday was spent with some wonderful people- bloggers- enjoying coffee and conversation with Nespresso and Joe Bloggers.
I always know in my heart how much better I will feel after spending time with friends, the trepidation as the time approaches remains, but with the buzz of caffeine and positivity seeping through me, my week began.

As always, work wise it has ups and downs.
Fortunately I have one positive, which has been so long coming, it has not yet arrived but now it is tangible, and optimism is allowed to seep into my thoughts, and aspirations once again come to the surface.
Time at work can now spent on thinking about the 'nice to-do's' rather than catching up on the 'have to-do's'.

I have been more able than ever to say 'no'.
My own aspiration to know my values, to challenge where I feel compromised.
To know voices are heard, to know that even if I have to accept red tape, I have had my voice heard (and maybe ignored) but I have remained true to my values.

And I see these values more than ever in my children.
As manners and acceptable behaviour become promoted.
As the excitement they have inside every breath is inhaled.
And brought back to me as love and concepts of life, through their eyes.

And then more blogging.
More planning for #BlogOnCymru
And another visit to the Sherman.
But not for conference talk.
But to have a glimpse of a script becoming a play.
And meeting Rachel O'Riordan.
And trying to remember in my head "She is a human being".
But to meet someone, with such a fixed sense of perfection, to appear that she beats herself up for every compromise made, to have such a clear vision of the communities, and people she serves, to fight with every breath for what the theatre can achieve- given a fighting chance, to be unaccepting of funding cuts- for the damage they can do to every child who misses the opportunities to explore their own imagination and creativity.

I breathe.
I appreciate the gravitas of life.
These little people I bring up as best I can.
The choices made, the path chosen.
And with no regrets- to only be true- to be the best I can be.

This week, a teeny kick inside me has been restored.
I hope it continues to guide me.

The Reading Residence


  1. Such a positive and 'inspiring' post! So pleased it's continuing to go well for you, and that that little kick has been restored. Sounds like a good week :) Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Lovely words! And congratulations for learning how to say no more and more :) It is a liberating feeling, isn't it?

  3. How lyrically written! Very positive words. X #wotw

  4. Inspired is a wonderful word! Beautifully written. I particularly like the line "And no regrets - only to be true - to be the best I can be". That's a great sentiment to hold. #WotW xx

  5. Love the words here and what they mean. Love that the fire is back in your life as well. What a positive (in spite if the downs at work) week you had =) #wotw

  6. This is an inspiring post! Such positive thoughts and words, beautifully written x #WotW

  7. Inspired, this is a fantastic word! It sounds like you've had a great week x #WotW


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