Monday, 3 November 2014

Working Mum Update: Half term update and moving forward

Half term was fantastic.
I managed to add two days to my usual day off.
And thanks to the wonders of Timehop I realised that October half term is definitely one for culture.

Seren and I were fortunate to spend Monday afternoon on a tour of Wales Millenium Centre.
Tuesday, Seren once again donned the cat dressing up costume at Sherman Cymru as we got to enjoy 'Match'.
And Wednesday, Tom & Seb got their adventure as we returned to the Millennium Centre.
Thursday, unfortunately I was back at work with a trip to London. Where my fantastic Board hopefully saw humour in the repetition of 'resourcing constraints'.
Friday, working again, but fortunately I was able to escape after work as a wonderful 'Light Party' was organised, and my superheroes had a fantastic time.
Saturday after the usual fun of gymnastics and squash for the little ones, as well as swimming for Seb and Seren, we all got to enjoy the Octonauts at the New Theatre.
And Sunday, Sunday really turned out to be a day of rest, as after Church and creating our wreath for Remembrance Sunday I got to crash out and watch the little ones play so well together- listening to them playing families and their imaginations unfold was gold dust.

And those were the good points.
Of course there was also the meltdowns, Seren seems to be on a mission to perfect these at the moment.
Monday morning saw the phone on meltdown trying to get a doctor's appointment for Tom. As always we were successful (Thank you NHS) and antibiotics secured.
Reward Charts were introduced in a bid to reinforce good behaviour.
And then of course, there was the trip to town to sort Mr J's business account out for the squash club, and I got my fine through for speeding- not welcomed.
I also managed to wrap the children's Christmas presents, this is not a boast, we have to be organised as the boys have their birthday in early January and budgeting and planning is a necessity.

And then to work.
As mentioned a zillion times this year, work continues to be far from ideal, each situation with amazing complexities which, when I confide, is open to disbelief as to how life actually plays out.
Today one decision was finally made, and I can't believe how difficult it was, or how naive I was when approaching it.
It has been made and communicated.
A line must be drawn.
To begin looking to the future again.

With boundaries of course.
The other team.
I need to move forward this week.
Maybe it's about remembering the small steps.

Or maybe I'll just look forward to the weekend.
Two days with my wonderful family.
Definitely a safe bet.

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  1. It's so hard juggling time. Now that I am working at home I find it really hard to explain to the children that I have to work when to them it just appears that I stay home all day.


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