Monday, 1 December 2014

Jake & The Neverland Pirates- Fisher Price Pirate Ship Bucky Review

The children have loved Disney's Jake & the Neverland Pirates for what feels like forever. Seren's 4th birthday party followed the theme, and so now with the boys approaching 4 in January, they were exceptionally excited to receive Fisher Price's Adventure Pirate Ship, Bucky to put through its paces.
As usual, I made the mistake of waiting until they were home from school to let them open their parcel, which meant trying to take photos whilst two excited boys tried to wrestle the packaging from the ship.

Fortunately, the boys who love to share came to their own conclusions.
Tom had his sights set on Jake.
The boys were quick to discover all of the features of the ship:

  • The 'poomers'- otherwise known as the cannon balls and cannon.
  • The hatch which can hide people (and valuables!)
  • The fantastic slide for speedy getaways
  • The door into the captain's quarters
  • The captain's ship which Jake can steer the direction
  • The swaying as the ship moves on wheels to adventure.

Since the Ship has been introduced I am amazed by the creativity it has evoked. Whilst the boys have played for hours with Jake and creating adventures on the high sea, they have also been amazing at introducing new characters (including Batman, Happyland and Shopkins!) and taking the ship to space and on many holidays, including one to the North Pole.

In terms of the toys itself, I am impressed by the sturdiness and the few detachable parts- I get really fed up with some toys that I am constantly reattaching doors- and this has not been a problem at all with Bucky- the children can play until they tire rather than giving up on it.
I liked the wheels on the boat and the 'sway', we have other boats which are static, as this is definitely a playtime toy it is great to have this dimension.
I like a common feature of most toys now, the holes in the feet, which means Jake can be posed at some of the locations around the ship.
I thought, as common with other toys, the product would be improved with the inclusion of at least two characters. I'm definitely ok with purchasing more characters and toys as we have with other playsets, but as a gift for a child it instantly becomes more engaging if there are two characters to play with, to really embrace the imagination and creativity of a child.

At a RRP of £39.99 it is definitely at the more expensive end of the toys we purchase. It is however a larger toy, and of course comes with the Disney tag which usually means the price tag is justified. As mentioned above the sturdiness of the toy means that it's unlikely this toy will be leaving our playroom any time soon.

Disclosure: We received Pirate Ship Bucky for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.

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  1. It is such a pretty toy,it is really expensive but it is worth it because they are giving that quality.I would love to have this.


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