Saturday, 27 December 2014

Reflections on 2014

As the year draws to a close, I know it's been a good one.
I know we have a great deal to be thankful for.

2014 has not been without it's tough times.
And, as I think they were all work related, it is difficult to spend time dwelling on them.
But they have forced me to learn some hard lessons.
Basic values have been tested; friendship, forgiveness, resilience, and personal responsibility.
The team has slowly been rebuilding and I am so proud of the efforts and patience, and understanding offered.
But, all is accompanied by the doubt of what might be.
And so therein is the challenge for 2015- to truly move on 2014.

Family wise, we still are hugely grateful for the benefit which has been gained from moving home.
My mum and dad being the best, my mum's text messages continue to frustrate and entertain in equal measure.
The little people have had time with both of their uncles this year, and I hope they continue to understand and appreciate the benefit of their wider family.
And of course, in themselves, the little people are an absolute joy.
I love how close they are, I love the imaginative play, and I love their questioning and their logic.
I could do without the squabbles, and the cries and screams, and perhaps in 2015 we might have a winter with slightly less bugs and illness.
But 2014 saw me discover 'Me and Mine' and 'Siblings', so I have some great photos to appreciate 2014. Hopefully in 2015 it might become a more regular feature on the blog.

And as well as this being the year the little people turned 3 and 5, it was also the year we got to dress all three in their school uniform as the boys began nursery in May. And, like their sister before, they have thrived in this new environment.
We burst with pride as the boys took on their roles for the Nativity and as Christmas has unfolded I have loved how much they have understood the Nativity and absorbed the magic of the Christmas season.

And of course Christmas has in itself taught me lessons, we need not buy the children so many gifts. They are each committed to their favourite things, and are happy with as much or as little as is presented.
I have learned, as I sat assembling lego sets at midnight, that I may be off work but there are still challenges to test me. But they are much more enjoyable ones.
I predict that lego will become my nemesis, a streaming for OCD, as the children play and, in the process, destroy, and I cannot sit easy before it is rebuilt.

As for Mr J and I, of course we don't spend enough time together, of course we continue to laugh at each other's misfortune, and celebrate in each other's success.
Mr J has established his squash club for young people which, in spite of his disdain of paperwork, has been successful.

And as for this little blog of mine,
It has been my sanctuary, my sanity, and continues to enable so much.
We have loved the opportunities this blog has introduced us to this year.
I am thankful for the friendships created.

This year I have not been as grateful as I should have, I have not taken enough time to appreciate the efforts which everyone makes to allowing our lives to be happy, and I have not taken enough time to reduce stress and enjoy life.

And so I hope, come what may, 2015 will continue to see everything continue to work out for the better and that I can become a better person as life takes us forward.

And I hope, whatever 2014 has been for you, you have the time to reflect, and 2015 is everything you need and want it to be.


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