Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Running into the New Year with SportsShoes

Exercise and me.
The imperfect pair.
I know I always feel so much better after exercising, but my commitment is often lacking.
I found a fab place this year which meant I could drop in any night of the week and enjoy Zumba.
But work got in the way, life got in the way, and now the classes have changed- and life isn't stable enough for me to book on in advance and I'm not fit enough at the moment to have confidence not to collapse in a heap.

The joy of this working mum is a lack routine. My working from home days and my working away, and overnights are not consistent, the expectation is for me to be flexible.
And therefore exercise and the hope of a healthy lifestyle need to fit this.
This is where I know I have an upper hand.
Because this is my extended back garden:
Available 24:7, regardless of my mood or inclination.

And what better way to take control of a routine than running it.... or jogging with a touch of walking for now.
SportsShoes got in touch to help me in my need to take control of exercise, and wow! was I impressed with their website. I already have a pair of basic sports shoes which I've been wearing to Zumba and Bounce but knowing that I wanted to take running seriously the offer to kit my feet out was gratefully accepted.
And of course, I never knew trainers could be so far ranging, further complicated by fantastic prices, and a price promise.
Reaching a decision wasn't easy, but eventually I fell for a pair of Asics, after a lot of researching various shoes, had good reviews and a thumbs up from Mr J.
And I love them, especially because they are blue and not too conspicious.
I quickly gathered from my browsing that sports shoes which are aestetically pleasing may not be kind to my feet if I'm not running as they are best designed to support me.
Taking running seriously meant considering where I would be running. And with this wonderful nature reserve it would definitely mean off road.
And with that decision made I was able to filter my choices a little more. Albeit there was still lots of choice.
With lots of elements (Gore-tex, 3M reflectivity and a sole support system were the main attractions) which I knew would be needed, I was impressed with all the additional features which would hopefully make my running experience a little less painful than anticipated.

So, how has it been?
The sports shoes turned up super fast, leaving little excuse.
And whilst I've not been as good as I've wanted to be (blame Christmas) I have started on my 'couch to 5k' journey. It's not great so far- but I remember the same when I started Zumba and wondering if I'd ever catch my breath again-I am unfit, and this does need to change.
Admittedly I've not been fit for photos, more a crumpled mess the minute I arrive back on the front door.
But on the other hand, I don't have blisters, I've yet to slip and fall on my bum, and I've not felt the morning after upper arch pain that I felt from time to time in my other trainers.

And so, here it is, the New Year, feeling a little bit better prepared, a little less behind the curve.
2015, I'm coming to get you!

Disclosure: I received a pair of sports shoes of my choice from SportsShoes for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are my own.


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