Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Gallery - Babies

With the theme at The Gallery this week being 'babies', of course I couldn't resist the opportunity to reminisce about those days- those days of intense happiness, weighed somewhat evenly by immense shock.

The morning I was told I could take my daughter home. Three days old, whilst she only weighed 7lb3oz this photo of Seren made her appear so big, compared to this tiny precious bundle I was too scared to drive home. I think I got overtaken by every car heading to my hometown as I refused to drive at more than 20mph!
And then, 22 months later, as if demonstrating why anything I thought I had learned should be thrown out of the window, these two came along. Boys! What would I do with boys? And what would I do if both of them cried? And what would I do when they were crying and Seren also needed me? And how would I possibly give Seren all the attention she needed with these two?
But of course.
Life has a habit of working out.
Seren welcomed her brothers with all the love and affection she has demonstrated every day since.
It was tough- when has raising children ever been easy?
But I have a team.
A team of Johnson's who look out for each other, who play together, who quarrel with the best of them, and who make up and move on.
My babies.
I miss them being babies, the promise not to overlook the moments, but overlooking some nonetheless.
But I am loving every minute of them growing up, and becoming.

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  1. awh how lovely - twins are such a blessing - what a beautiful family x

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment, and they really are :) x

  2. So gorgeous! I love the picture of her looking at her new baby brothers :)

    1. It really is such a precious photo, she was such a good big sister from the off.

  3. Oh my that one of them nose to nose is adorable


    1. It really is amazing the bond they had and have kept. x


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