Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Ugly Duckling - This Christmas at ShermanCymru

There are some things which make Christmas.
To me, a trip to the theatre is one of them.
More importantly a family trip.
And since we moved back to South Wales we have loved ShermanCymru's approach to Christmas.

This Christmas, "The Ugly Duckling" is the Sherman's Christmas performance for 3-6 year olds.
And so perfect for our Johnson babies.
And of course, as have Sherman productions over our years, this year's production really does provide meaningful themes for our little ones to take on board.
And, so through the laughter of the 'honk' came the journey, acceptance, friendship, belonging.
The themes mummy appreciated, which will be absorbed by my children without knowing.
The journey to acceptance, to true laughter, was a magical one.
The actors were absorbing, my children were transfixed, appreciating the humour, feeling the emotion and energy conveyed by their talent.

As always, I love watching my children.
And as I get to know my childrens personalities so I fell in love with Tom a little bit more.
Tom sat and watched, and laughed, and expressed sympathy and happiness, Tom was ready to join in with the song at the end.
I love how much the theatre allows me to understand my children.
I love the seats they take in the audience, how involved they become.
I love how much they take in, how the conversations afterward are wider ranging than I ever expect.

'The Ugly Duckling' has every aspect of theatre which I want my children to appreciate.
From wonderful lighting, scenery and props.
More so, the production had actors with multiple roles, musical actors who allow my children to observe how instruments can add to theatre, and song and physical theatre which makes my children laugh, with words being unnecessary.

Whilst this is theatre designed for children, the beauty does not escape.
The atmosphere created, the wonder of the seasons as they pass, as friendship is established, as friendships are lost, but the sense of self grows.
And a swan is created.
We all loved this production, whether observers or participants, there is much to take away.
There is a festive feel to the play, that whilst there is no reference to Christmas, a magic is created.

The Ugly Duckling is at the Sherman Theatre until 3rd January 2015 with Welsh and English performances. Ideal for ages 3-6 years. Tickets are available at £8. Visit ShermanCymru or contact the Ticket Office on 029 2064 6900.

Disclosure: We received three complimentary tickets for this performance for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.


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