Saturday, 6 December 2014

Toy Story's Action Armour Buzz Lightyear Review

I can't tell you how delighted Tom & Seb were this week when this space ranger turned up to greet them!
After their amazing performance in their school's Nativity performance I got to bring them home to Toy Story's Action Armour Buzz Lightyear. And excited wouldn't begin to touch the surface!
And, of course, mummy confounded the excitement as she insisted photos needed to be taken before Buzz could be revealed!
Their impatience was pacified by the attraction to the 'try me' options, the ability to see a couple of features in advance of the unveiling only fuelled their excitement.
And once Tom and Seb had their hands on their new friend they were quick to discover the features and fun they could have.
The Action Armour Buzz has three modes of play- Space Ranger: with classic phrases and sounds; Flight mode: ready to blast off with pop out wings; and Battle mode: light up mega blasters show off Buzz's upgraded armour.

Flight mode was the definite favourite once the boys figured out the wings expanded and collapsed.
The boys enjoyed playing with Buzz and have been having great adventures with him. Fortunately we have a robot of a similar size so we've been able to have lots of interactive play.

For Tom & Seb they struggle with only having one character either each or between them, so it's been really important for their play that we have associated figures. At 30cm in height Buzz is a formidable addition to the toybox and we have few toys to stand alongside him. So, of course, Woody was quickly sought as an additional item for the Christmas list.
The other struggle we had was Buzz doesn't easily standard on carpet. It's not a big issue as generally he's been held as part of playtime, and he stands on solid surfaces, but it's just one of those elements which frustrated Tom and Seb.

At a RRP of £49.99 Buzz is, in my view, an exceptional purchase, it would constitute one of the children's main presents for either birthday or Christmas.
And, with this mindset, it is worth the price in my opinion. It is afterall Buzz Lightyear, and as a devoted Disney fan, compared to Buzz Lightyear's of the past, the features of this model place it so closely to the film, and with the various features and modes allowing lots of different imaginative play, the toy has a great worth. Additionally, the toy itself is sturdy and of a good quality. Tom and Seb can generally break any toy which crosses the playroom floor. In the case of Buzz Lightyear it's hard to find any element which could give way under their play.
So based on authenticity, diversity and quality, this would definitely be a present worth selecting from a child's wish list.
Disclosure: We received Action Armour Buzz Lightyear for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views contained are our own.


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