Thursday, 4 December 2014

Treating pets in the run up to Christmas with PetShopBowl

Since we've had children our pets are really are done by in the spoils department.
There are times of the year though that focus changes, especially Christmas, as the children begin thinking about who they need to think about gifts for and what would be appreciated.

For our pets there's a delicate balance, spoiling them without spoiling their delicate digestive systems. And fortunately PetShopBowl offers a fantastic variety of pet supplies to not only make sure every consideration can be factored in to treating your pets.

Seren was fortunate enough to receive a special package for her cat Jewelly, although as is the norm in our home, Fred & Ginger had other ideas.

And this is what I think Fred was after in the first instance. Dreamies are the favourite treat for our cats. As much as I can't vouch for their taste, I can vouch for the ability for them to be treated like a treat a bar of dairy milk- given the option the cats would make the contents disappear.
So for now, they are kept for when the children are playing well with them, and a treat is rewarded for patience!
Something the cats were very intrigued by was Nature's Menu cat food. Our cats have a dry food diet as the norm, the opportunity to get their paws on a complete and balanced cat food which has their advantage of being real meat is cause for much excitement- and as expected it was hoovered up.
The food which was greeted with most excitement (I had to photography it from the front as the cats had already used their claws to try and free food from the other side!) was Hill's Ideal Balance Cat Food. As with most cat foods which boast perfectly balanced nutrition, accompanied by natural ingredients, there is an associated price tag, however in the grand scheme of things it still works out at a reasonable daily costs, especially when buying in the bulk sizes you can purchase from PetShopBowl (which in turn can result in free postage!).
The cats were eager to get eating, and have not stopped with their urgency since. With a 4kg bag their ongoing enjoyment of the food is obviously critical, as well as enjoying their food it is crucial that the food looks after their digestive systems, Hill's Ideal Balance definitely takes care of their side of a cat's welfare.

The great thing for us about PetShopBowl is the range of foods available, catering for the varying dietary requirements and preferences you have to consider alongside the convenience of ordering for our pets online food that we know is appropriate to their needs.

Disclosure: We received a bundle of cat food for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views expressed are our own.

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  1. Lovely cat, I love putting new food down for my cats to see how they react to it, if they don't like it they look at me with sad eyes until i replace it though!


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