Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Twins - approaching 4

It is odd to think that this time next month we will be starting preparations for Tom & Seb turning 4.
I would say it is scary, and in some ways the time really has flown, but when I spend time with them, when I see them take life in their stride, it seems they are ready to be 4.
One of the things that has most surprised me in recent months is how willing the boys are to look out for each other, with such care and love.
I think I have focused a great deal on what they miss out on by being twins, and I don't focus enough on the gains they make.

I think they are so much more articulate than Seren was at the same age, and they have a much broader understanding of so many different areas of life.
Of course, a lot of this is due to having an older sister, and a lot is probably attributed to rose-tinted spectacles, but the conversations that they have, to witness them having a constant to explore thoughts, creativity, and ideas with- there are some really amazing moments created by being a twin.

Last week I got to see a new side again.
Tom was ill.
It was a Thursday, Tom & Seb sleepover at grandma's every Thursday.
Seb came into the office to let me know Tom was happy lying on the sofa with blankets, a bucket and Ninjago.
I decided to broach the subject. How did he feel about going to school on his own that afternoon?
Seb pondered, and asked questions as to whom would care for Tom in his absence.
And decided he would like to go to school on his own as long as Tom was ok.
I then decided to take a braver step- would he like to go to grandma's for a sleepover on his own?
It's a really odd one. Before Seren started school she was the one having sleepovers, but the boys have always gone together.
We discussed this, that it would mean grandma would bring him to school on Friday, like usual, but he wouldn't get to meet Tom there, he would probably need to do two sessions on his own.
Seb phoned my mum to discuss this.
It was amazing. He was determined, articulate, and he carried the conversation beautifully.

I received a similar phone call the following morning, to ask after his brother, to let me know he was going to soft play and then to school.
And yes, they still fight and squabble like the best of them. As a three with their sister, the allegiances and battles change, and I can rarely keep up.

But they do astound me.
They are happy in their independence, and yet a gravity seems to pull them back together for regular 'check-in's'.
They astound me with their happiness, their positivity, and their ability to see life through eyes long forgotten.
As we drove to playschool this morning, Tom began to tell me how God had created everything, more specifically the roads and the pavements. I decided to go with him (I was tempted to fuel the fire by mentioning 'Mr Bull') and watch him think, we got to the crux "but he didn't build the houses, the builders built them."
Because of course, there's some homebuilders where we live at the moment, and the boys are loving watching the progress they are making... and they haven't seen any roads or pavements being built yet.

My boys.


  1. I love reading about their connection, the need to know that all is OK with the other before they venture off without them... It's so adorable. Turning 4 is a big step, especially as it is a step closer to starting school in September... How can they be old enough to start school?

    1. We really are blessed with them, and just planning their 4th birthday is causing so much reflection- how will we cope every year?! x


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