Monday, 29 December 2014

When coffee makes the world a better place

One of my highlights of 2014 was attending an event to celebrate all that is good about coffee.
An opportunity to get together with a bunch of fantastic bloggers local to Cardiff, relax and laugh in great company with some amazing coffee to keep the conversations going.

The event was focused on the partnership between Curry's and Nespresso, and maybe I fell a little bit in love with this machine:
And along with fuelling my love of coffee, thanks to the fantastic hospitality provided by the Waterloo Tea I may have discovered a fantastic new meeting place, I have taken on the recommendations of Becky and have become a fan of loose-leaf tea. The care and attention which is commonplace at Waterloo Tea (since attending this event I have revisited Wyndham Arcade as well as Penarth) means that you can get great recommendations on tea, coffee, and food!

And then, there was Nespresso, enough blends for every palette, enough variety for each day of the week, every mood, and in wonderful colours.
And so we got to put our palettes to the test, to try 'cupping'... think wine tasting antics with coffee blends.
And so we got to appreciate, the difference good blends make, and how great coffee can be enjoyed as the mood takes, as a cocktail, straight, or with milk.
And of course I got to discover latte art- or more specifically the talent of latte art.
 Never again will I overlook the wonderful shapes which can be created at the hands of a barista.
And so the event came to an end.
One of 2014's life lessons.
Conversation, smiles and laughter should always be accompanied by great coffee.

Disclosure: I was invited to the Curry's Nespresso Event and received a goody bag. All views and opinions contained are my own.


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