Friday, 26 December 2014

Word of the Week

It seems a natural choice for this week.
We have had a wonderful time watching the children enjoy their Christmas.
The excitement started last week when mum and dad treated us all to a break at Bluestone- and Kingdom of the Elves- it was a much needed break, and the little ones really had the magic of Christmas instilled.

Life got a bit more difficult after a phone call on Friday that Mr J's mum was to be hospitalised.
Tom and Seren had needed to take their last day off school as they were both under the weather.
And there was some stress in trying to figure out how various commitments would be kept with enough time aside for visiting hours.

And so things have been quite off piste.

After 5 days of struggling with my self diagnosed ear infection, a trip to the doctor's on Monday revealed a perforated eardrum- which had been aggravated further by my care of ear baths and otex!

But, as was inevitable, Christmas arrived.
A few hours found on Christmas Eve meant the wall decorations went up, last minute gifts were wrapped, and a sense of calm momentarily created.
We made it to the Crib Service, and we enjoyed our Christmas Eve traditions.
And of course on Christmas Day, the children didn't wake 'til close to 9am, so much is sleep valued in our home!

The Christmas unwrap has changed in our home this year.
Gone is the slow Christmas, where we are more eager for them to unwrap their presents as they take their time playing with each gift before moving on to the next.
Now, we have record breakers- equally in awe of their memory skills as their speed of unwrapping gifts. And then back to each of their favourite gifts in turn.

And this year, we had a Welsh Christmas lunch- Omelettes. Mr J went off to the hospital and left us lego building for the afternoon with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang remaining our Christmas film of choice.

Christmas dinner was had at tea-time, and was absolutely perfect- especially watching the children's choices- Tom seems to have found a love of parsnips and carrots, which is lost on me!

And today, we had Boxing Day at my parents, the children (and us) were spoilt rotten, Mr J nipped off to the hospital whilst we all got to laugh at the emotion my dad and brother throw into a good game of rugby- on the tv.

And around us, we do have happiness, amazing family and friends,
We have good health, it may not always be the best, but it is good,
And we have had a magical Christmas, where life as always has just worked.
At times, it may not be what we plan, or how we'd choose it, but it really is a life to be grateful for.
The Reading Residence


  1. Ah, same word as me this week! Sounds like, despite the things you've had thrown at you, it was still a lovely family Christmas. I hope your mother in law is out of hospital soon, and that you all continue to enjoy your family-time. Thank you for taking time out to share with #WotW x

  2. A lovely word of the week! Sorry to hear you've not been well and that your mother-in-law is in hospital.

  3. The eve of the Christmas holidays was a wonderful opportunity for the further changes. It was inspiring for some new beginnings.

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